Mfamily 6-17-13 unedity name is Samuel Owens and before coming to the Republic of Georgia I was the assistant pastor at Westside Baptist Church in Pacifica, California. I am praying that you will strongly consider us as your missionaries to the Republic of Georgia. We know that “God so loved the world” but the people of Georgia do not know of a God that loves them and wants to save them. “For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles…” Acts 13:47.

I was raised in a strong Christian home where I am the ninth child of eight sisters and four brothers. At the age of eleven I realized my need for salvation and accepted Christ as my Saviour, soon after I was baptized. In April of 2001, during a mission’s conference at the Trinity Baptist Church in Blacksville, West Virginia I surrendered my life to go to the mission field. In 2011, I met my wife Carla Owens, from Fairfax Baptist Temple in Fairfax, Virginia. We were married on March 3, 2012 and God blessed us with three beautiful daughters, Isabella, Makayla, and Natanya.

My father David Owens is the pastor at Westside Baptist Church in Pacifica, California. My three older brothers are serving the Lord on the mission field. David is a missionary in Guyana, South America; Jonathan is a missionary in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe; and Nathan is a missionary in Cameroon, Africa. During my teenage years I went on numerous mission’s trips to Barbados, Guyana and Bulgaria. In 2007 I was standing at the Black Sea with missionary Jonathan Owens and he pointed and told me there was a country across the sea that had no one there preaching the Gospel at that time. It was then and there I knew that God wanted me to go to the Republic of Georgia.

The Republic of Georgia is located in Southwestern Asia, bordering the Black Sea, between Turkey and Russia. There are over four and a half million people in Georgia and most have never heard the Gospel. We pray that you will consider us as your missionaries to take the Gospel, start churches and train nationals in the Republic of Georgia.




family 6-17-13 unedit

My name is Carla Owens. I was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In 1998 my family and I moved to Falls Church, VA. Right away my mom became friends with one of our neighbors; little did we know that she was a faithful soulwinner. For two years in a row she came knocking on our door inviting us to Church and Bible studies held in her home.

Finally, in 2001 we attended Fairfax Baptist Temple in Fairfax, VA. That same summer I was invited by their Jr. Church to go to Rapidan Baptist Camp, it was there through the preaching of Pastor Troy Calvert that I was convicted of my sin and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Soon after that, I got baptized and became a member of the Church. Right away I got involved serving the Lord in my local church by attending teen discipleship, soul winning, singing in the choir, & anywhere I was needed. I was able to serve both in the Spanish ministry (Templo Bautista de Fairfax) and English church.

In 2004, I had the privilege of joining the Christian Scool at my church. I was able to work my way through School with the Churches’ work scholarship. Not long after that, I surrendered my life to God and his will alone. I knew the Lord wanted me to be either a missionaries wife or a pastor’s wife. In 2005, I went on a missions trip to Panama, it was there God put a greater burden in my heart for souls and I knew he wanted me to be a missionary somewhere. Thanks be to God for both of my parents godly and moral values that were bestowed in my life. In 2008 I graduated from FBTA. In August of 2008, I enrolled to attend Bible College to study Biblical counseling with the intentions of using it in the ministry.

A year later the Lord made it very obvious he did not want me there anymore, so I packed my bags and returned home. Right away, I got involved in different ministries at my local church. Such as: children’s junior church, bus ministry, church orchestra, etc. Meanwhile, I worked at a soccer store along my dad’s side and a Child Development Center at Fort Belvoir, VA. Working there gave me numerous opportunities to witness to my co- workers and customers daily. Then in 2011, while at our annual Missions Conference I met my husbands brother and wife, Nathan & Karie Owens Missionaries to Cameroon, Africa. I am very thankful for that as they were the ones that introduced me to my husband.

A year later, in March of 2012, my husband and I got married. We now have three little girls named Isabella, Makayla and Natanya. Words cannot begin to express how happy I am to be a part of the Lords work along my husbands side in the Republic of Georgia.